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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Booked Services. This ensures you get what you pay for and the cleaners provide. If you raise a dispute within 24 hours after your clean and it is not resolved within 48 hours after it is raised, we will assigned your job to another cleaner and it will be completed again. No Charge. No Strings. Nothing Attached
What is "Build Your Own Service"?
The freedom to have your home cleaned the way you want it done. We have included some basics and extra cleaning tasks to make it easy to Build Your Own Service exactly how you want. The cleaner then knows your expectations and with fixed pricing there is no time limit so the cleaner must stay until they finish all booked tasks.
Is my service flexible?
If the job has an open padlock then the job is open and can be altered. Jobs already paid for or that are within 3 days of the booked service will display a closed padlock and cannot be altered. This provides stability for the cleaner and allows them to plan other jobs around your service. Changes made on an open padlock job allows the cleaner enough time to alter their schedule.
What is your refund policy?
Payments for spring cleans, bond/exit cleans and the first clean of a recurring service will be taken when the service is booked. All other recurring payments are only taken on the day of your service. Plus Time offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if for any reason you are unsatisfied we will work with you to arrive at a suitable resolution. Plus Time does not offer a refund once the appointment has been completed.
Can you explain what my job status means?
A Job Status is there to help determine what should be done with the job and how it should be handled. The most common Job Status's you will come across will be:

New Unassigned Service
Assigned Service - Waiting for Provider to accept.
Booked Service - Provider has accepted the service.
Pending Changes - Provider has requested changes.
Finished - Provider has completed the Service.
Completed - You were satisfied with the service provided.
Disputed - Service currently has an active dispute.
Time Request - Provider has requested a Time Change.
Time Decline - You declined the requested time change.
Cancelled - Service was cancelled.
Future Job - This service will occur in the future.
Archived - Removed from dashboard but not deleted.
Locked Service - Cannot edit or make changes.
Unlocked Service - Can edit and make changes.


How do I book my first House Clean?
Simply head over to our booking page and start the process, its simple and quick.

A few good things to know before booking your first appointment - 1. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
2. All cleaning technicians are screened, have a current police check, product and public liability insurance, have passed a third party pre-check on cleaning skills.
3. We constantly review and monitor our cleaning partners ratings to ensure we are providing you with only the highest quality cleaning professionals.
Can I review my residential cleaners?
Better! You can review every clean your cleaner completes for you! As will their other clients and an overall rating for your cleaner will help determine who needs help and further training. Cleaners must uphold at least a 3.0 star rating to continue using this platform.
Can I pick my service provider?
YES! For a recurring and spring house cleaning service you can select a cleaner that is close by, you can view their profile and and check them out before selecting them.
What if I'm not happy with the service quality?
Occasionally the cleaner may perform poorly, there are a few ways you can handle a clean you are not satisfied with.
1. Raise a dispute and message the cleaner letting them know exactly what you were not happy with. If you are happy with their response the dispute is resolved. If you are not happy, you can then request to change cleaners.
2. Raise a dispute and offer to have the cleaner return at a designated date and time. Let them know exactly why you want them to return, if the cleaner agrees and completes the return clean to your satisfaction then the dispute is resolved. If you are still not satisfied then you can then request to change cleaners.
Always make sure you leave a review for the clean so cleaners are always getting constant feedback.
A cleaner has requested a time change?
A cleaner has the ability to request a time change on jobs, if you are not happy with the time change, reject it and you will be allocated another cleaner. This is to ensure the right job goes to the right cleaner.
What do I enter when booking a house service?
When you are booking your service only enter what you would like cleaned. This will ensure your clean is priced fairly but adequately. If you live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with 2 kitchens, but you are only wanting 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 kitchen cleaned that is what you would select.
How is my house service priced?
A number of factors are taken into account when your service is quoted. The biggest impact factor is the tasks you select. Location, Pets or Cleaner Access don't contribute to the cost of your cleaning service at all.
Are the providers insured?
Yes, all cleaners must hold a current public liability insurance policy to use this platform. A copy of your cleaners currency certificate can be requested from admin@plustime.com.au
What if something is damaged or broken during my service?
Plus cleaners always take care when in your residence, but occasionally accidents can happen. This is why all cleaners must hold current public liability insurance. If there is an accident the cleaner will be directly in contact with you. If in the unlikely case you have not heard from them then please contact the cleaner direct. All damage or breakage must be reported within 24 hours of the service.
What time will my cleaner arrive?
All Plus Cleaners strive to arrive on time and will be ready to start your service immediately. On an occasion that your cleaner is running late please allow up to 30 minutes for their arrival. Rest assured that your service will still be completed fully.
Do the cleaners bring their own equipment and cleaning products?
Yes, all cleaners come fully equipped with their own equipment and cleaning products. You do not need to supply anything. You can request your cleaner to only use environmentally friendly, nontoxic and biodegradable products.
Why do you need my credit card information?
Billing information is required to hold your reservation. Your first booking payment is taken immediately to hold your required date and time. On future booked or recurring services payments are only taken on the day of the service. Last minute cancellations without the 24 hour notice period incur a $45.00 cancellation fee.
How Do I Cancel My Full Service?
It's sad to see you go, we love feedback so please let support know your reasons as we use it to improve our services and who knows you might be back soon! To cancel your full service, simply head over to My Account , Click on the 'Services' icon and here will be all your active services with PlusTime. Simply scroll to the service you would like to stop and give the button a click. It will drop down information relating to that active service, all you need to do is click the Stop Service button . This will cancel the service and stop all recurring payments and services from today's date.