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Easier Way To Keep a Clean Home

Keeping a Cleaner Home

We all want to live in a clean environment and that means maintaining our home but sometimes getting caught up with work and other priorities we find things can get out of hand pretty quickly. We forget the last time we cleaned an area or organised an area of our home to keep things running smoothly. Making it hard maintain our property when it could be easier. The biggest problem with home cleaning is it is rarely planned, items are cleaned probably when they are noticed and that can lead to other items, not always in our line of view being missed. We have a simple solution to fix that, below we have included a house cleaning schedule or cleaning log for extra tasks around your home. Not only will it help you keep track of what cleaning items you need to complete but also the last time you did them. We have included some of our own cleaning tasks to get you started but have left some space for you to fill in some personal ones that fit your own home. Keeping a list or cleaning log is a great way to keep control of your cleaning and spread your efforts out to where they are needed.

Download Cleaning Schedule

Home Cleaning Schedule for Extra Tasks

Using the cleaning schedule or clean log is very simple. In the ‘Every’ column you will put the frequency of time it takes between each clean. All cleaning tasks have a time of how long they can be left e.g. 2 weeks, 3 months examples but these can change depending on your house, preferences and location. The empty boxes next to the ‘Every’ column you will put the dates you last completed the cleaning task in your home. e.g.14/01. You should be able to calculate the time between cleaning easily. Making your planning easier and more efficient.
Below we have given some examples of times between cleans:
Clean Fans 3 Months
Aircon Filters 3 Months
Interior Windows 3 Months
Clean Fans 3 Months
Window Tracks 3 Months
Skirting Boards 3 Months
Full Oven Clean 6 Months
Inside Fridge 3 Months
High Dusting 1 Month
Inside Pantry 3 Months
Organise Linen 3 Months
Doors and Frames 3 Months
Blinds 1 Month
Vacuum Couches 2 Weeks
Rugs Clean 2 Weeks
Light Switches 3 Months
Power Points 3 Months
All Mirrors 2 Weeks
Decks 2 Weeks

Planning Your Schedule

Planning your home cleaning doesn’t take much time and usually only needs to be done once to be effective. You’ll need a list of cleaning tasks and how often you want them cleaned. Cleaning tasks that take longer can also be left longer meaning they can be spaced out. You can plan it so all the bigger tasks are on different cleans making each clean easier to deal with, or if you prefer you can plan them together and finish them all at once.

The time between cleaning tasks will change for every home, we all like certain areas cleaner than others, can tolerate certain areas for longer and a big factor is the house location. A house in a busier location e.g. more traffic outside, more people inside, will probably require some of these tasks completed sooner but also certain cleaning tasks might be pushed back later.

Finishing The Cleaning

Don’t make maintaining your home hard, make a few small changes to keep it simple. Maintaining your home cleaning is easy when you have it planned out and know the last time you did it. Keep this log somewhere you won’t lose it and mark it each time you complete a task on the list. Give yourself some more time by doing a bit of planning.

If you want to make your cleaning even easier check out our article on Secret house cleaning for some great tips on speeding up certain cleaning tasks.

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Easier way to keep a clean home
Posted: 10/06/2018 12:55:17