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Easily Leave a Review For Any Local Business On Goole Plus (Desktop)

Google make leaving reviews for businesses easy and with a few ways to do it, I'll show you how simple it is. First make sure you are logged into your google account.
If the business has been verified by google you will see the shield with a tick in the middle next the to profile image. Most businesses have a google account and urls will look similar to: PlustimeAus/

Leaving a review of your experience not only helps other users who are deciding whether to use a local business or not, it also helps the business improve in areas they might not of thought of.

How to Leave A Google Plus Review

To Leave a review simply head to the profile of the local business or do a search right from google. Once you arrive at the profile you will see the pencil icon on the bottom left corner under their profile image.
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Finishing Your Review

Once you click the pencil, a review box will popup and you will be able to leave your review.
If you get stuck and you are not sure how to write a review, Google have some tips for writing a great review
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Publish Your Review

When you are happy with your review simply publish your review and you are all done! It's that easy.
Google make this even easier for Mobile users and can be done directly from the google search page!
Posted: 11/07/2015 23:14:17

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