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Secrets You'll Actually Want To Use!
Looking for some new cleaning secrets? When you clean your home it can be time consuming and also a lot of hard work. Using these secrets and tips below you will be able to give your home a thorough clean in no time. Before you start your clean keep in mind that while some rooms are easier to do all at once like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry, it’s quicker to do most cleaning tasks in groups such as skirting boards, fans, windows, aircon filters etc.

1. Product and Equipment Caddy

Keeping a clean and stocked caddy will speed up your home clean, instead of digging through your cupboards for the right product everything will be right there regardless of the room you are doing the clean in. You can use a basket for your caddy but we prefer a tool caddy, you can pick them up cheap from hardware stores and they have plenty of pockets. Below is a list of caddy contents you should try to keep.
  • Products
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Stainless-Steel Polish
  • Kitchen Desgreaser
  • Equipment
  • Window Squeegee
  • Non-Scratch and Heavy Duty Scourers
  • Steel and/or Plastic Scrapers
  • Old Toothbrushes
  • Scrubbing Brushes
  • Steel Wool (grade 000 or 0000)
  • Vacuum Accessories

2. Clean Easier

To ensure you are using the least amount of elbow grease as possible a big mistake people do is spray and wipe. Pre-spraying the area you are planning on cleaning keep you efficient and makes the product work properly. Most products will have a recommended wait time on the back to help let the product work in but also to disinfect the area properly as well. If it is more than a few minutes look at investing into another one if you can.

3. Work Methodically

To make sure you are working fast and to get high quality results you need to clean methodically. Depending on the tasks this normally means from top to bottom, or roof to floor. This will help cut down on re-doing areas.

4. Natural Light

An industry secret not many people know about and another big mistake you can make while at home is using artificial light over natural light. Open the blinds and let the sun shine through, it will help you clean better and provide better light to see what you are doing.

5. Knowing your house

This is really a no-brainer when you clean. You should know the types of surfaces you are trying to clean, if you want to use the right product, this will help with efficiency but also it will make sure you don’t do damage. You should also know where your power points are located, finding a center point where your vacuum reaches all areas will increase your speed while doing the floors.

6. Listening to Music

Many studies have been done around working with music, most of them find that if you know the objective and the task is repetitive then music helps. This is perfect for when you are doing the clean at home, so put on our favourite CD or make a playlist of your favourite songs, so you don’t have to keep picking a good one.

7. Making Product Last Longer

There is a great saying in the home services industry, using less product is more. Whatever you put on needs to come off so don’t go overboard especially when pre-spraying. If you find the product is too strong for your liking, you can dilute them down with water.

8. Use the Right Equipment

Making sure you are using the right equipment on the right surface. It helps speed up the process and makes sure you don’t do damage. If you are unsure, do a bit of research about the area or surface you are wanting to clean. There are plenty of tools out there to help.

9. Using grade 000 or 0000 steel wool

Not many people know that steel wool comes in many different grades, the steel wool you have in your kitchen is probably around grade 1-2 and is abrasive. As you start getting down to grade 000 or 0000 you have very fine steel wool. This is great for many different tasks in your house from hard-water marks from tap ware, shower screens, glass, stainless-steel sinks and many more. The best part is its non-scratch, just make sure it’s not rusted. You can buy it from hardware stores and is cheaper to buy it in the rolls than sheets. It’s important to use nitrile gloves while handling fine steel wool so you don’t get any small splinters.

10. Bleach on stainless steel for ultimate shine/h3>

Is your stainless-steel sink not shining like the old days? Add a little bit of bleach in the sink and give it a scrub with steel wool (grade 000 or 0000 work great) or a non-scratch scourer to bring it back to its former glory.

11. Work from Top to Bottom

No matter what you are planning to clean you always want to clean from top to bottom. Gravity can be your friend while cleaning so use it to your advantage. If you plan on doing a full clean most dirt/dust can be moved to the floor to be cleaned up when you vacuum.

12. Utilising Your Vacuum

Working efficiently should be your number 1 goal when trying to keep your house at it’s finest. It’s easy to forget about equipment that can help you like utilising your vacuum. Vacuums often come with accessories, a small brush head and needle nose that can be attached directly to the vacuum handle. What you might not know is that they also attach to the extender pole. They are great for doing skirting boards, window and door tracks, beside your fridge and dishwasher, blinds, downside your couches, carpet edges, inside empty cupboards and drawers or just to remove the bulk dust that can accumulate around the house. Doing this will make your clean a lot easier.

13. Freshen While You Vacuum

If you like your house smelling fresh, a neat little trick you can do is find your vacuums filter where the area is pushed out from and put a few drops of your favourite essential oil around the edges. While you vacuum the air will pass through and push out your favourite smell.

14. Brushing Your Window Tracks

Getting all the dirt and gunk out of your window and sliding door tracks can be a real pain. Speed it up and get a high-quality result by using an old dry toothbrush to loosen up the dirt, give it a good scrub and then vacuum out the loose dirt with your needle nose attachment on your vacuum. If you plan on tackling all your windows, it should only take roughly 30 seconds each. If you are going to clean the glass give the tracks a quick spray of multi-purpose cleaner and then apply your glass cleaner to the glass, once you have finished with the glass give the tracks a quick wipe out.

15. Window Shining Secrets

Making windows shine is a task many people put off but using the right equipment and products you can speed it up to smash them all out in no time. If you are doing all your windows, then fill a bucket with warmer water and pour some of your glass cleaner into the bucket. Using a sponge or some very fine steel wool (grade 000 or 0000) give the glass a good going over (this works best if you have already cleaned your tracks out!). You’ll then want to use a window squeegee to remove the bulk of the water. The secret to getting super clean glass is to polish it with a clean dry rag when you are finished, to make things easier on yourself. Clean the inside glass vertically and the outside horizontally, that way you know which side the marks are on.

16. White Sneakers Bright Again

Are you a sneaker head who loves clean and crisp white sneakers? You can bring them almost any pair of dirty white sneakers back and all you will need is white toothpaste, an old tooth brush, warm bowl of water and a clean dry rag. Apply some toothpaste to the toothbrush and dip it in the water, using circle motions clean the whole area thoroughly, using the rag to clean away any excess.

17. Easy Microwave Clean

Keeping a clean microwave can be a hard task but you can make it easy with this micrrowave cleaning secret. Using a coffee cup filled with water put it in the microwave for a few minutes, you’ll want to let it cool down a bit before taking it out so put your time to good use and clean something else while you wait. Once you have waited about 5 minutes, open the microwave and remove the water carefully, the steam will have loosened all the built-on food so just wipe the microwave clean.

18. Remove Burn Marks From Your Toaster

If you want to clean your toaster, make sure you unplug it from the wall first. Most toasters especially stainless-steel types will have a build up of burnt gunk where the toast goes in and out. To remove this simply spray some multi-purpose on your steel wool (grade 000 or 0000) and give it a good scrub, it will have your toaster looking like new again in no time.

19. Remove Burn Marks From Glass Stove-Tops

Glass stove-tops are often hard to clean or bring back from neglect, but it can be done and quite simple. Using some multi-purpose cleaner and your steel wool (grade 000 or 0000) work in circular motions to remove any burn marks. It will remove almost anything making your glass stove-top shine again. Polish with some glass cleaner when you are finished.

20. Safely Clean Your Stainless-Steel

You don’t normally receive instructions on how to clean your stainless-steel stove-top when you move into a house that has one. To make sure you don’t damage it you should always clean it with warm soapy water and dry it with a clean rag, try not to use harsh products on it like heavy degreasers. Always finish with some stainless-steel polish to make it shine.

21. Range-Hood Vent Filters

An area often forgotten about and will probably shock you when you finally get around to giving them. You can easily clean these in your kitchen or laundry sink, boil a full jug of water and make sure your plug is in, while you wait apply some degreaser to the filters and give them a good brush with either an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush. Pour the boiling water over the top of them and fill your sink up with hot water until they are covered. They need to be left for awhile depending on how bad they were. When ready give them another rinse under warm water to ensure all the product and grease has been removed, dry them outside in the sun before you put them back.

22. Scrap Soap Scum

When left soap scum can build up quickly and often requires a lot of elbow grease to remove. To remove soap scum from wall and floor tiles use a steel scraper or if you ware worried you might damage the surface use a plastic painters scraper. Once you have removed the bulk you can finish off with some bathroom cleaner and very fine steel wool (grade 000 or 0000). To remove soap scum from the shower glass, apply some bathroom cleaner and give it a good scrub with your very fine steel wool (grade 000 or 0000) it will even help remove stubborn hard water marks.

23. Unclog Your Shower Head

Is your shower head spraying everywhere but down? Fill a small back that fits over your shower head with just a bit of vinegar or bathroom cleaner so that the shower head is covered. Use a rubber band or something to tie the bag up there, make sure its on tight. If you are using bathroom clean it will take 5-10minutes to work where vinegar will take about 30 minutes. A great idea is too do this first then you can clean the rest of the bathroom while it works. When you are ready give the shower head a scrub with an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush to loosen anymore hard water that’s built up. Run the shower for a few minutes to remove the remaining product in the shower head.

24. Bathtub Shine

Bathtub not looking as white as it used too? Use a melamine sponge (magic eraser) with a bit of multi-purpose cleaner and some water to remove soap scum, marks or basically anything else. You’ll have a shining bathtub in no time.

25. Dirty Air-Con Filters

If you use your air-con you’ll want to make sure you have clean filters. Using your kitchen or laundry sink, give the filters a good spray with multi-purpose cleaner and scrub them with a toothbrush or scrubbing brush on both sides. They will come up looking brand new.

26. Melamine Sponges

The secret home cleaning tool. Melamine sponges, aka, magic erasers. Supermarkets know their value, so they charge you an arm and a leg, but they really do work wonders and cut the amount of elbow grease you need to clean many areas of your house from walls, sinks, tables, cupboards (inside and out), glass, scuff marks and even skirting boards. They work like very fine sand paper so make sure you don’t work areas to much or you may remove paint, gloss or even protective coatings. You can find a box of melamine sponges from China, and they are cheap if you don’t mind waiting.

27. Quick Clean Walls

No one likes towalls. But you can make it almost effortless by using melamine sponges. You can complete a full room in about 30 minutes compared to old techniques that can take hours. Work from the top down.

28. Remove Glass Scratches With Cerium Oxide

Do you have fine scratches on your glass? Whether in your shower, a glass table or windows, you can remove them with an electric buffer and some cerium oxide. Mix some water with the cerium oxide powder to make a paste like consistency then just buff them out. Make sure you don’t stay in one place too long or you might get a warping effect in your glass, keep adding the paste as you need it ensuring you don’t buff it dry.

29. Getting Cleaner Rugs

Most people (even cleaners) only vacuum rugs, but to get them really clean they need to be hung over something outside and given a good smack with something. This will loosen all the dirt and crud stuck deep in the rugs fibres, watch as it all falls out. This will make vacuuming your rug a million times easier and make it cleaner. Before you bring them back inside, give the area a quick vacuum where the rug sits.

30. Polishing Wooden Furniture

Polishing wooden furniture is often neglected but it can make it last longer by protecting it and gives it the perfect look. To polish your wood properly you need to make sure you are using a good polish, a silicon free wood polish will make sure it doesn’t build up over time, allowing your wood to still breathe. Make sure to do the whole item not just the top for high-quality results. Check out 5 Quick Steps To Polishing Your Wooden Furniture

31. Easily Remove Pet Hair

We love our pets, but they tend to always leave their hair everywhere! An easy and cheap way of removing pet hair is to use nitrile gloves or on bigger areas like a couch, a window squeegee.

32. Workout With Your Clean

You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone while cleaning by using it for your cardio exercise and if done right can give you a full body workout. Set yourself a benchmark time when you do your house clean and then next time, try to beat it! It’ll make you faster and keep you fit at the same time.

33. Keep Your Equipment Good

This is probably the most forgotten task out of everything. Keeping your equipment clean (especially your caddy) will ensure you clean your house efficiently and without any hiccups. A clean vacuum is important, a slightly full bag means you and the vacuum have to work harder. What many people forget is that if you leave your vacuum bag unchanged all the stuff you vacuumed up previously is still in the bag and the air you are sucking up is being pushed through all dirt, dust and possibly food back out your vacuum. Clean equipment will produce a higher quality finish and keep it lasting longer.

34. Using the Right Scourers

More often than not you are probably using the wrong scourers in the wrong areas or surfaces. One area we notice people using the wrong scourers is in the bathroom, heavy duty scourers (normally the green ones) will scratch glass and most other surfaces. Try to replace this habit by using either non-scratch or if you want easier scrubbing use very fine steel wool (grade 000 or 0000).

35. Pants With Pockets

A handy tip while doing a clean is to wear pants that have pockets. You often need a place to put things and don’t always have spare hands to hold it so using your pockets is a great way to stop you going back and forth. Always keep a few spare rags stuffed into your pockets.

36. Clean Light Fittings in Dishwasher

Light fittings don’t need to be cleaned that often, so you should try to do them all at once if you plan on tackling them. An easy way to get them sparkling clean is to put them in the dishwasher!

37. Spotless Floors

Floors are the finishing task when completing your home clean and thus should always been done last. The secret to getting spotless floors is making sure you do a good job vacuuming. Starting at the furthest point and working backwards will mean less repeating and will give you a high-quality finish. Vacuum in rows that slightly overlap, this will ensure the whole area is vacuumed properly. When mopping you’ll need to make sure you are using the correct product for the type of floors and that you are not leaving to much water behind, causing the floors to take to long to dry and leaving them streaky. It’s best to use warm water when mopping and if the water gets too dirty, change it.
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