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PlusNews has been launched

PlusNews is finally ready to make an appearance, we will now be able to deliver information more quickly and in better detail. PlusNews will house all our support docs and tutorials so you can get to know PlusTime even more and use it to its full potential. It will also have sections to view PlusTimes process and changelogs, allowing you a full view into what's going on behind the scenes. We will be releasing articles shortly so keep an eye out. In your account you will now be able to select if you'd like to be emailed when a new article is released.

Why PlusNews?

Having PlusNews will allow us to show you in more detail the potential of the PlusTime platform. It will also be an area where discussions can be made (comments will be coming soon). It will also allow us to provide everyone with up and coming release updates and known issues. We are dedicated to pushing PlusTime to its limits and creating a simple online platform that lets you create and maintain your own home cleaning service. We are always busy at PlusTime, improving our platform is a big part of our service and will allow us to evolve into the perfect platform for building and maintaining your cleaning service.
We will also be posting great articles showing you how you can save time in other areas of your life. We are all extremely busy in today's day and age, getting that spare 10 minutes to yourself can sometimes feel like a struggle. Look out for our Weekly Top 10 list on ways you can save time!
Over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing new features so PlusTime can become more flexible with how your jobs are created and edited, along with cleaner selection, friend referrals and plenty more. We are always open to suggestions so if you feel like you have a great idea don't hesitate to contact support.
If you haven't already, create an account to get started or to read more about PlusTime!
Posted: 31/05/2015 01:49:05