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5 Quick Steps to Polishing Your Wooden Furniture!

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5 Quick Steps to Polishing Your Wooden Furniture!

Polishing your wooden furniture is often forgotten about and neglected to the point it damages the wooden surface. Unfortunately it can be a pain doing furniture cleaning because too much polishing or the wrong polish can cause damage, so how are you to know where the sweet spot is? We got some quick and easy tips for polishing your wood and keeping it undamaged.
There are so many polishes to choose from when it comes to purchasing a good wood polish. Whilst most will give you the finish you are after (nice shiny wood) the build-up of silicon in some polishes can cause your wooden furniture to lose its natural look and start damaging. Polish Furniture only when you have to! Get a good polish that isn't silicon based and remember to still dust regularly. When you notice your furniture is getting dull give it a thorough polish to bring it back. Make sure your furniture isn't to dusty when applying polish because the dust will just clump and it can be harder to remove if there is lots. So give it a dust first and read the steps below.

Step 1: Get a lint free rag and your polish of choice.

Any natural polish is a good choice and choose one that is not silicon based to avoid build up of polish over your wooden furniture.

Step 2: Remove all items

Don't wipe around items on the wooden object as this will produce low quality results and the dust will just respread.

Step 3: Apply the polish directly to the rag

For bed heads, bedside tables, anything small or anything close to walls always ensure you apply the polish to the rag to stop over spray. If left on the floor it can become a hazard and if it's left on walls it leaves oily residue.

Step 4: Work the polish into the wood furniture using a circle motion

Make sure you work all the polish in and you remove all the leftover residue. The end product should be clean and there should be no streaks. Don't just do the top of the furniture make sure to do the sides, legs and back as well.

Step 5: Place your belongings back the way you like them

When placing your belongings back make sure you give the base a good clean.
Posted: 23/07/2015 19:09:39