PlusTime Platform Updates 28th June 2015

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PlusTime Platform Updates 28th June 2015

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the PlusTime Experience, PlusTime was built to help clients and cleaners connect, and maintain cleaning services easily on both sides. It was built from recommendation by both parties and we are glad to introduce two more exciting features for PlusTime.

Skip the boring stuff show me the goodies!

If you are interested in just reading about the new features click below to read more about them specifically. For more information about overall changes scroll down.

Where are the new features?

We now include the option to have a FREE SMS reminder 3 days prior to your cleaning service. This will occur for ALL cleans. It is simple to turn on and off if you find you don't require the SMS anymore.
We are also introducing a PlusTime Referral System that allows your to gain $20 for every new friend, family or stranger you refer to PlusTime. They must use our services at least once and to encourage them to use your referral link, they will also receive $20.00 Off their first clean! Your credits stack up and are taken from your next payment.
There were also a few bugs with Future jobs that has now been corrected.

To find our more information about the changes please read these 2 articles, explaining the new features in more detail.

I have a suggestion or an error to report?

We love getting feedback from our services, it ensures we stay on our game and deliver what you need to be successful. If you ever have any suggestions, error reporting (even spelling and grammar!) then feel free to drop us an email or support ticket!
Posted: 28/06/2015 22:52:16