PlusTime Platform Updates Feb 2018

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PlusTime Platform Updates Feb 2018

We are always looking for ways to improve our platform to make maintaining your property easier. We are happy to announce some major and minor changes in the way PlusTime delivers this service.
Current Platform Version: 1.6.0

Major & Minor Change Log

  • Service Editing - Making changes to Tasks and Providers just got a lot easier. The 72 hour restriction as also been changed to 24 hours. This means services can now be changed the day before the clean.
  • More Transparent Pricing - Tasks now display specific pricing next to each task, making it even easier and faster to get a cleaning quote.
  • Task Pricing - Tasks have had a slight price change to better reflect the house size, mainly focusing on Bond Cleans. Some Services will see a slight increase whilst most services should see a decrease in price.
  • Task Descriptions - Tasks have had a change in what is actually completed when a Task is purchased. Most have stayed similar but some have had a big change. This is also displayed when booking now.
  • Better Booking System - Tasks are now added to a cart like system before the service is created to make tailoring your service easier and more transparent.
  • Design Update - Some pages have had a design update to help with the flow of our platform, this also makes using PlusTime easier on all devices, from mobile to PC.
  • Code Update - Coding has been optimised to provide a faster loading website with more efficient functions.
  • House Management - A new section has been added to help maintain multiple properties or to simply update your house.
  • Credit Management - Credits are now easier to search and maintain for Providers, allowing more efficient processing and easier recollection.
  • Terminology Change - "Clients" will be referred to as "Seekers", "Cleaners" will be referred to as "Providers" and "Jobs" will be referred to as "Services"
  • Discounted Payments - Discounts and Referral Credits are now easily viewed while booking and have had some slight errors corrected.
  • Error Fixes - Multiple errors with booking, service display and general browsing have been fixed.

Will pricing changes affect my Service?

In the short term or for any services currently created this won't affect the pricing at all and it will remain the same unless you have edited a service. On the 1st of March all services will be recalculated to reflect the new pricing of each task at which the new prices may affect your service. Some tasks have raised in price but for the most part a lot of tasks have had a reduction in price or a change to the way they are calculated. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact support.
Posted: 12/02/2018 10:04:22