Service Provider Information

Cleaning isn't easy work, let alone keeping everything together while running your own cleaning business. To ensure your business keeps growing it takes attention, dedication, time, money and perseverance. The problem is to make your business efficent and more profitable in this day and age you need technology.

Before you know it you will have different software for almost every section of your business and they all come at a price. They all claim to be the best and claim to make your business more profitable. Whilst for some this may be true, most software isn't used to its full advantage because people just don't understand all the features.

That is why we created PlusTime. A platform that allows you to easily start a cleaning business or simply grow an exisiting one. Check out below for a full list of features and requirements for you to access the PlusTime Platform.

Real Services, Not Leads

When a services comes through have the confidence to know that payment has already been taken or will be taken on the morning of the service. We take care of your marketing so you can concentrate on providing a quality service. No more potential clients that you need to convert.

No Time Restrictions

Services are quoted on per task and then a total is generated, it is not based on time. The service can be completed within any timeframe, although we do provide a recommended completion time as an efficiency guideline. You are paid by the client for each specific task.

Service Provider Profiles

Create and edit your profile for clients to view, introduce yourself and create the connection before the service even starts. Keeping your data safe, clients will be shown information such as, available hours, previous reviews and current rating, welcome message and verified status.

Service Payment Processing

No more chasing payments or handling cash, we handle the payment processing through our secure payment gateway. Generally taken on the morning of the service, funds will be available according to your membership level after the service has been completed.

Easy Service Handling

Our Platform handles the full service process from quoting through to service completion. We automate recurring services into your scheduler for easy planning and efficiency. If the client has any issues we also have a dispute resolution system to make handling complaints simple.

Online Training Courses

Improve your skill set with our Online Training Courses, equipped with training workbooks and videos you can find out the industry secrets that will increase your business profitability and efficiency. Courses are still in progress and will be released very soon.

Targeted Local Clients

Depending on your membership level, your profile will show for clients around your specified location. For access to more zones you will need to increase your membership level, our highest level includes services nationally allowing you to expand rapidly.

Equipment and Product Shop

We have compiled the best cleaning products and equipment from the industry, based on experience. All in one place to make resupplying easy and efficient. Ensuring you have the right products and equipment is essential to work smarter not harder.

Automatic Schedule Processing

PlusTime makes scheduling simple by automating your recurring services and keeping them at least 4 services ahead of time but also showing where future services will occur. View in Monthly, Weekly, Daily or List mode depending on your preference. Custom event features are coming soon.

P2P Messasging System

With our simple to use P2P messaging system communicating becomes an ease. We also automate messages to clients including a welcome message to new clients and also changes about services (completion, cancellations, time changes) to both the client and you.

Keep The Freedom You Deserve

PlusTime does not employ you or contract you for the service the client does. We provide a Platform for this transaction to take place securely and to offer support to ensure the client gets what they pay for but also ensure you get paid for the service provided.

Finally Be Your Own Boss!

Finally be your own boss with PlusTime, take control of your business and start heading in the right direction. We are here to help guide you to success by handling tedious tasks and lowering your overheads so you can handle what you do best.

Overall Rating and Service Reviews

Clients have the opportunity to review every service you provide for them, giving you an overall rating in real time. Find out areas in which you need to improve but also know when you have done a great service.

Bulk Service Processing

Completing your services for the day can be time consuming, going back and forth to accept assigned services and completing finished services. We speed things up by selecting and processing the jobs all at once. Even finish multiple services with different completion notes.

Statistics and Data Storing

Want to find out how much you have earned? When your next payment will be? Knowing these details in advance will help you stop living day to day and make planning easy. We also record and store all your services data including payment information, disputes, reviews, notes etc.

What do you need to use PlusTime?

Keeping the clients safe is also a big part of PlusTime and to do this, the Service Providers must meet certain criteria. Below is a list of what you will need to get started on PlusTime:

  • Valid A.B.N
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Valid Police Certificate (must be recent - no more than 2 weeks old)
  • Valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Complete your PlusTime Acoount to 100% and Upload Required Documents

Note: Uploaded documents are for PlusTime to verify only, clients are not sent or shown these documents.

Create a PlusTime Account

When will you start receiving new services?

Once your account has been completed, submitted and verified you will start receiving services. Normally we have at least 1-2 Services waiting to be placed in most areas otherwise it can take anywhere from 5-20 Business Days depending on your location. If you are concerned please create a PlusTime Support Ticket.

What does PlusTime Cost?

To create an account on PlusTime it's Free, we also offer paid membership options with more features. Once you start processing services we take a commission that's split between the client and you. Currently the commission rate is set at 15% for each of your services. This covers all of the mentioned above features plus more. Our paid memberships are currently in the process of being updated and will include a lowered commission rate.

More Membership Details