Bond Cleaning Services

Need a Bond Clean? Moving out of a rental can be stressful enough without having to worry about the real estates high standards in cleaning keeping you from getting a full bond return. Our end of lease cleaning services are specially tailored to include all necessary tasks required to get your bond back 100%. All prices are transparent and do not change on the day of the clean, don't get scammed with cleaners who offer the bait and switch with low prices on their website but increase the price when they arrive.

Once you move out and the cleaners move in, the cleaners take full responsibility for the cleaning. The real estate can contact the cleaners direct with any cleaning enquiries or issues and they will be rectified to ensure your full rental bond return. This is just another feature added to help lower the stress while moving.

Available Tasks


  • Shower and Bath - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Vanity Tops And Cupboard Exteriors - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Toilet - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Mirrors - Cleaned
  • Towels Straightened


  • Sinks and Taps - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Splashbacks and Cupboard Exteriors - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Appliance Exteriors - Cleaned and Sanitised - Stovetop, Oven, Rangehood Top, Dishwasher, Fridge and Microwave


  • Detailed Vacuum - Lightweight items are moved
  • Thorough Mop - Cleaned and Sanitised

Interior Windows

  • Glass Windows- Cleaned and Sanitised

Inside Oven

  • Full Inside Clean - Trays, Racks and Glass
  • Full Outside Clean - Rangehood and Filters, Stovetop, Glass

Full Wall Cleans

  • Full Walls - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Remove General Marks
  • Remove Dirt Patches
  • Remove Scuff marks
  • All Light Switches - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • All Power Points - Scrubbed and Sanitised

Fans and Aircon

  • All Reachable Fans - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • All Reachable Aircon Filters - Cleaned and Sanitised

Window Tracks

  • Remove Bugs and Dirt
  • Scrub and Clean Tracks

Doors and Frames

  • Door Front and Back - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Frames and Edges - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Remove Scuff Marks and Dirt

Inside Kitchen Cupboards

  • Surfaces, Edges and Inside Doors - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Cupboards must already be empitied


  • Sink and Taps - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Appliance Exteriors - Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Splashbacks and Benchtops - Cleaned and Santisied


  • Hand Railing - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Tables - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Thoroughly Vacuum Floors
  • Thoroughly Mop Floors