Custom Content Management Systems

When flat pack CMS like WordPress just don't cut it!

Endless Possibilities

Using flat pack or open source CMS like WordPress means you are limited to what you can achieve without it starting to affect important factors like page speed. Creating a custom CMS allows you more control over what and how resources are being loaded. Features you don't need aren't included and this removes a lot of the fluff code that isn't necessary.

Individually Crafted

Every CMS we build is individually crafted to ensure it meets your exact needs for the type of website you are operating. From eCommerce, memberships and information websites, or a one that is completely different we have you covered. Our initial consultation will run over all the features you require and how you want the website to flow.

Front and Back End

Our development team designs and creates both the front and back end of your website to precision. Including ease of life features for the front end and back end like an easy to use graphical interface, system logs, user types, running reports, managing users, dashboards and much more.

Payment Gateways

Do your users need to make payments? We can utilise Stripe, Braintree, Paypal and many more payment gateways to give your users the option to process payments. Whether you need recurring or one off payments we can set everything up to operate properly.

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Custom Content Management Systems

Custom Built Content Management Systems

Our custom content management systems are 100% responsive for the front and back end. They can comfortably be used on all most any device!

Sometimes WordPress Just Doesn't Cut It

There are many benefits to creating and using your own CMS

CMS Licensing

If you plan on selling your CMS we make licensing easy, once the final payment has been made you own the license completely. Meaning you can do as you wish with the CMS. Packaging WordPress with plugins and all the different licenses that come with them can be tricky when it comes to the legal side of things.

A custom CMS will allow you to modify, sell and distribute everything included to keep things simple.

Website Efficiency

Websites built with a CMS like WordPress are a great budget option, but they just don't provide the efficiency of a custom built CMS. You often need a list of plugins the size of your arm to get things running smoothly, on top of that the plugins are all developed by different people meaning conflicts happen more often than not.

A custom CMS allows you to easily customise what is loaded on each page. Unused CSS and JS play a big part in slowing down a website.

Unlimited Features

With a custom CMS you can create anything your heart desires, depending on your budget. We can include features such as social sign ups and logins, payment gateways, SMS reminders, 2 factor logins, recaptchas, recurring services, shopping carts and anything you can think of.

We can even create a featureful back end including accounting, statistics, management options, social scheduling / auto posting and much more

Move On From WordPress

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