Data Sifting and Analytic Reports

Point your website resources in the right direction

Pinpoint Profits

Analytic reports help find what areas of your website are working and which ones could use improving. It also helps determine where your users are coming from, the types of devices they are using and which browser your website is being viewed on.

Diagnosing Problems

Diagnosing problems in your pages can be more than just making sure everything functions properly. It includes keeping your bounce rate down, ensuring users flow as expected and finding problem pages that cause users to drop off.

Setting Goals

All websites have a purpose, whether it's informing users or selling products and services. We use Google Analytics to set goals to track that actions of your users to find out where you might be going wrong, what needs improvement and what pages are working.

A/B Split Testing

Knowing what works isn't always clear cut. This is where A/B split testing helps us find what works for your target market and what doesn't. Identifying small changes that have a big impact on conversions like placement and colour of call to actions.

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Analytic Reports

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Analytics and Data sifting can be very time consuming when you are beginning. Use our Data Sifting and Analytics Services so you can focus more time on what you do best.

Increasing Your Profits

Marketing can be a waste of money if its not targeted right.

Overall Profits

To increase your profits it takes more than finding new clients to view your website. You must have pages that convert them to paying customers. If you are paying for advertising then you will always be looking to lower your cost of acquisition for each new client. Analytic reports help determine what forms of advertising are working and which ones aren't.

Targeting poor performing advertising methods will help draw higher quality clients and lower your cost per acquisition.

Completing Goals

Setting goals coupled with split testing allows you to see what call to actions work for your target market. It can help identify problems on specific pages if users need to flow through your website to finish specific goals. Your aim might be just to get registrations or email subscribers and setting goals can help you achieve that.

Google analytics makes this easier to handle and you set specific goal amounts so you can see which goals are performing better than others if you offer multiple products or services.

Planning and Executing

Our analytic and data sifting services provide you with a plan of attack when it comes to improving your website. We can even execute it for you! Because data can be handled in real time you can expect to see instant improvements with conversions and users completing your goals.

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