House Cleaning Services

PlusTime brings House Cleaning Services to the average household! No longer are cleaning services limited to the wealthy, everyone can now afford to have their houses cleaned professionally. With our custom built system, you can tailor your cleaning package to not only suit your budget but also your home, giving you a more precise quote. With fully transparent pricing you can rest assured knowing the price is locked in for the work you require.

No need to create a service each week our system will take care of that for you. With options of weekly, fortnightly and monthly we have every angle covered. You can also create multiple services for the same property giving you maximum benefit as this allows you to change tasks on a regular basis and keep upto date on all cleaning tasks around your home.

Available Tasks


  • Shower and Bath - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Vanity Tops And Cupboard Exteriors - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Toilet - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Mirrors - Cleaned
  • Towels Straightened


  • Sinks and Taps - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Splashbacks and Cupboard Exteriors - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Appliance Exteriors - Cleaned and Sanitised - Stovetop, Oven, Rangehood Top, Dishwasher, Fridge and Microwave


  • General Room Dusting - Anything below shoulder height
  • Move lightweight items
  • Delicate items aren't moved


  • Detailed Vacuum - Lightweight items are moved
  • Thorough Mop - Cleaned and Sanitised

Interior Windows

  • Glass Windows- Cleaned and Sanitised

Inside Oven

  • Full Inside Clean - Trays, Racks and Glass
  • Full Outside Clean - Rangehood and Filters, Stovetop, Glass


  • Stack Dishwasher with dishes

Spot Check Walls

  • Remove General Marks
  • Remove Dirt Patches
  • Remove Scuff marks

Empty Bins

  • Remove Bathroom Rubbish Bags
  • Remove Bedroom Rubbish Bags
  • Remove Kitchen Rubbish Bags

Fans and Aircon

  • All Reachable Fans - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • All Reachable Aircon Filters - Cleaned and Sanitised

Linen Change

  • Remove Old Linen To Laundry
  • Replace With Clean Supplied Linen
  • Straighten Pillows

High Dusting

  • Tops of Door Frames
  • Ceiling Corners and Edges Vacuumed
  • High Cobweb Removal

Window Tracks

  • Remove Bugs and Dirt
  • Scrub and Clean Tracks

Light Switches

  • All Light Switches - Scrubbed and Sanitised

Mould Removal

  • Shower Tiles Bleached and Scrubbed

Skirting Boards

  • Remove Dust and Marks
  • Cleaned and Sanitised


  • All Mirrors - Cleaned and Sanitised

Vacuum Couches

  • Cushions Vacuumed
  • Couch Surface Vacuumed

Timber Polishing

  • All Timber Furniture Polished

Power Points

  • All Power Points - Scrubbed and Sanitised

Streak Free Glass

  • Extra Attention To Glass
  • Glass Surfaces Polished Streak Free

Finer Detail

  • Bathroom Products Straightened
  • Beds Straightened
  • Picture Frames Straightened
  • Magazines and Coasters Straightened
  • Couch Cushions Plumped and Straightened
  • Dirty Clothes Put in Laundry


  • Sink and Taps - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Appliance Exteriors - Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Splashbacks and Benchtops - Cleaned and Santisied

Powder Room

  • Vanity Tops And Cupboard Exteriors - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Toilet - Scrubbed and Sanitised
  • Mirrors - Cleaned
  • Towels Straightened


  • Hand Railing - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Tables - Cleaned and Sanitised
  • Thoroughly Vacuum Floors
  • Thoroughly Mop Floors