One-Off and Spring Cleans

Sit back and let the professionals take control...
Spring cleans are great for helping you get back on top of the cleaning once again and can be done anytime throughout the year. We make it easy to get exactly what your property needs with our flexbile booking system.

One-Off Cleans - We have you covered...
Whether it's a pre-entry clean, pre-sale clean, one-off clean, after party clean or anything else that starts with clean. We cover it.

Book a Spring Clean or One-Off Clean
Pay by Tasks Not Time!
This ensures the Service Provider knows and completes all the required tasks for your PlusTime service.
Control Your Service Provider!
Select who is entering your property and create that connection before they arrive to complete the service.
Feel Secure With PlusTime!
Know you are safe, we use Paypals sister company to hold and process all credit card information

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Book a Spring Clean or One-Off Clean

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