Responsive Designs Yoga For Your Website

Having a website that is responsive on every device is imperative in todays digital world.

Pieces That Fit

Creating a responsive website or fixing one that isn't is like doing a puzzle. All the pieces must fit and the end result must look great, if it doesn't then we go back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan. Pieces sometimes needs to be designed for each screen so on mobile they aren't too small and on desktop they aren't too big.

Functionality Focused

Developing a responsive design is more than just making sure it looks great on every screen. We make sure you don't loose any functionality on your website and everything still works as intended. Some devices or browsers can't do certain tasks like CSS animations so it's a great idea to have a fallback plan.

Designed Impeccably

All our code meets the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. This ensures browsers have an easy time parsing the code and makes for a great user experience as everything looks and works as intended.

User Experience

When creating a responsive design nothing is more important than user experience. It must remain very similar across all devices, small and big screens. Happy users are returning users!

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Responsive Website Designs

Making Your Wesbite Responsive

We can help you make your website responsive whether it was custom coded or you use a wWordPress like CMS.

How We Make Your Website Responsive

Developing a website that is responsive comes naturally for us!

Coding With Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a Framework that allows you to build responsive websites with ease. It deals with the smallest screen all the way up to large screen and allows for quick development.

All our custom coding from scratch starts with bootstrap, we have even ported websites over to bootstrap to make future editing easy for everyone.

Fixing Unresponsiveness

Cheap developers don't generally make responsive websites because it takes longer to code or if they do, the design is rushed and often looks a mess. Our first approach is generally checking what the previous developer has done to create your website.

Sometimes its salvageable but most times we need to completely port over to a framework like Bootstrap

What To Do With Images?

Dealing with images in a responsive design can be a challenging task. Depending on how many you have and what their purpose is. We have 2 ways of tackling images when it comes to responsiveness.

1. Resizing Images dependant on the screen size. This can be a quick fix if you have lots of images and they still look good when resized on a smaller or larger screen.

2. Display either a different or cropped version of the images to fit better with the layout and overall look of your website.

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