Web Security - Keeping Your Clients & Data Safe

Safe guard your clients data and your data by implementing security measures

Strong Defence

No system is impenetrable but when it comes to web security you can plan for certain attacks. From cross site scripting, middle man attacks to data theft and data deletion. It's all serious business as the effects can be damaging not only for you but for your clients.

Coding Practices

When we develop code we ensure all parts of our code adhere to best coding practices to minimise attacks on your data and clients. It starts at the beginning when we are planning how we will process all types of data but also store it as well.

Data Validation

One part of website security is data validation. Ensuring the data you are receiving is the data you are expecting. Unfortunately client side data that is sent to the server should never be trusted and this is where validation provides a good defence.

Databse Safety

Keeping database data safe can be tricky, it's why we always backup our databases regularly. Inpart with data validation, we use data sanitisation and prepared statements to ensure your data is safely stored and recalled when needed.

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Website Security

Bring In The Defence

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Why Worry About Website Security

Your website is your investment, don't waste it by losing it or the trust of your clients.

Cross Site Scripting

Cross site scripting is a flaw in validation and sanitisation, it allows hackers to modify your code to display malicious code gaining login sessions or even redirect users away from your site.

We can help you recover from such attacks and help you prevent further XSS attacks.

Man In The Middle

Middle man attacks is when someone reads your data when it is sent from your computer to a server. This can be devastating as you could be sending plain text login details that the attack can use to steal your identity.

Forcing users to use HTTPS helps prevent this sort of attack by encrypting that data. We can help you set up a SSL certificate.

Database Query Injection

SQL injection is another flaw in code relating to validation and sanitisation. If your developer is not using MySqli prepared statements your website data maybe be vulnerable to unauthorised access, theft or deletion.

We can help fix any errors in coding where SQL injection may be possible. All data sent must be validated and sanitised out of good practice.

Brute Froce

An old method of trying login details over and over again until you find the right combination. Without the proper protection they can gain access to admin and users accounts.

If you are having Brute Froce issues we can fix this very easily fixed by updating to strong passwords and limiting the amount of incorrect account attempts.

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