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Initial Consultation

When building a website we need to understand your exact requirements, it's important so we can provide a high quality finish that does everything you need. Depending on the size of the project these consultations generally last anywhere from 30minutes to a few hours. We can do this over the phone, through emails or if you are located on the Sunshine Coast we can do it in person.

Individually Crafted

Every website we create has a unique look and feel. Your digital fingerprint to identify yourself from others so that when your visitors come to your website they know exactly where they are. Our web development team can also provide unique functionality to set you apart from your competitors giving you an advantage with a complete high satisfaction user experience.

You Get The Mic

Stop being told what is possible and start creating with us. When your project is in our hands we develop your website exactly how you want it. This is what separates us from our competitors, we provide guidance, ideas and the knowledge but you get to make decisions every step of the way. Your vision is just as important to us as it is too you.

Rate Highly

Developing a 5 star website is like building a 5 star hotel. It takes time, planning, collaborations, high quality service and an end product people want to show up for. We strive to not only create a 5 star website for you but also a 5 star experience all the way through from planning to going live.

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Get an obligation FREE quote today or book in a FREE consultation to speak about your website plans.

Website Development

Responsive Designs With Every Website

Every website we design whether it be from scratch or using a flat pack CMS like WordPress, they all come responsive ready to be viewed on any device. Displaying a professional website at all levels is an important look for your website.

Cheaper Isn't Always Better

This doesn't mean websites can't be affordable

Advertising Methods

Why have websites taken off much faster than traditional methods while other forms of advertising have taken a plunge? It all comes down to popularity, value and ROI. In the old days taking out an ad in your local paper was a sure way to get your name out there, this is because lots of people read the paper. Unlike paper ads, flyers and brochures that continually need to be designed, printed and distributed, websites provide a way to deliver fresh content easily and instantly.

With easy to use CMS such as WordPress, Grav, WIX and Shopify, it has become even easier for the average person to build and deliver fresh content. Websites are an investment and should be treated as such. A cheaper website just isn't going to perform as well just like a cheaper investment.

Making It Easy

Cheaper websites normally come with more than a handful of problems. From unresponsive designs, invalid code, slow pages speed, poor SEO and sometimes fatal errors that turn clients to their competitors. In the long run it costs more to fix and repair these broken websites then it does to just create a brand new one and start fresh. It can also cost you potential income if your visitors are turning around because they can't use your site.

When a website has been professional developed it should make everything simple, from implementing changes to user experience. KISS (Keep it simple stupid) is a great moto to have when building websites and it's wise to assume that your visitors are first time internet users.

Google, Google, Bing?

Search engine optimisations. Important for every website if you want to show up in Google and bing. They don't tell you exactly how you can get on the 1st page but they do provide a set of guidelines (best practices) and a set of what NOT to do rules. In the SEO world you have white hat techniques (the good ones) and black hat techniques (rule breakers). Google are forever improving their algorithms to catch people who are breaking the rules and trying to get an unfair advantage over everyone else.

If caught Google will penalise your website and it can take a very long time to remove those penalties and bring your website back up in ranking. More often than not this is due to cheaper SEO services using black hat techniques to improve rankings over a short period of time.

Make Your Move Now Before Someone Else Does

With 100's if not 1000's of websites being created everyday, an idea you have today could be taken tomorrow.

Start by contacting us for a FREE consultation and lets get planning!

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