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Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation runs over everything your website requires to run smoothly. Some websites require more maintenance than others, we cover everything from updating API's, complete backups, archiving old data and updating HTML, CSS and JS to adhere to new standards.

Update Notifications

As part of our maintenance we will send you an email if a newer version of code is available. Updating code is a great way to stay ahead of hackers targeting older code full of vulnerabilities and it also helps keep your website efficient, falling behind could be disastrous.

Fixing Issues

Web hosting servers can change from time to time and this often requires you to fix outdated code. Our website maintenance covers any changes you require, we will stay in touch with your hosting and let you know of any upcoming changes that may affect your site.

Device Updates

With new devices being released sporadically it's important to keep your website working on all devices even newer ones. This ensures a seamless experience for all your users on every device, we also check older devices to keep it running smoothly for them.

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Website Maintenance

Websites With A High Up Time

Websites with a lot of downtime are a deterrent to visitors, keep your website running smoothly with regular website maintenance.

Complete Package Website Maintenance

We will create a package that suits your needs when it comes to your website maintenance

Hosting Service Updates

Keep yourself covered when your hosting server forces updates, whether for security purposes or just to remove outdated code our website maintenance services will fix everything to get it running smoothly again.

API Version Updates

Ensure your API is always working by updating to the current version. Sometimes API shutdown certain versions due to security or efficiency issues. We can get it working right for you again. We can also look at alternatives.

PHP, HTML, CSS and JS Updates

PHP, HTML, CSS and JS often update their standards and release new versions with new features, more efficiency, security updates and depreciated functions. We will update everything quickly and ensure a smooth transition.

Device Checking and Updates

Get your website displaying right on the all new devices that are released. We will test everything to ensure your users have a high quality user experience so you don't loose potential visitors or clients!

Update Notifications

We will notify you of any upcoming or newly released updates after we analyse your website. You'll be able to stay on top of everything to keep your website running smoothly

Take Control Of Website Maintenance

Staying ahead of your competitors means actively maintaining your website to be better

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