Terms and Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions for quoting, developing and designing websites, graphics or repair work, and everything else in between. By Accepting our quotation you agree to our terms and conditions.

1. Quotations

We try our best to provide accurate quotations but these are normally general estimates. If you feel like you require an in-depth quote please let us know during the quotation period.

2. Work Scope

Each quotation is provided with an expected work scope, generally discussed beforehand it includes functionality, design work and all tasks require to be completed. Anything requested outside this work scope will required a recalculation of your quotation. This will be sent prior to completion of the added work scope and will need to be agreed to beforehand.

3. Graphic Designs

All graphic designs including but not limited to: full web site designs, banners, icons, images, and overall element placement are copyrighted and licensed to "PlusTime IT" until final payment has been released. Any unauthorised use, copying or distribution while "PlusTime IT" is in possession of the license is prohibited.

4. Phases and Milestones

Depending on the size of the project, most developments are split into Phases and then Milestones. A development plan will be drafted which includes but not limited to: all Phases and included Milestones with the work scope completion deadlines and required milestone payments.

5. Deposit and Milestone Payments

To secure our time, all projects, no matter the size will require a 25% to 50% deposit before we commence any work. Including but not limited to any advice, designs, code, mockups or wireframes. We will specify on the development plan when the remaining payments need to be made after specific milestones have been completed.

6. Quality Guarantee

All our work comes with a high-quality guarantee. This only covers the quoted work scope and becomes void if tampered with, this includes but not limited to: changing of the server environment, added content, removed features, attempt to correct the issue without notifying "PlusTime IT" or any sort of changes / updates to the code or resources. Our guarantee doesn't cover any third party apps or code utilised in any development.

7. Liability

Code isn't always "drop and play", this is due to the magnitude of variances in server environments. While we try our hardest to prevent anything bad from happening we take no responsibilty if this causes loss or damages to your business. It is advised to make a complete back up of your previous website including files, settings and DB structure and Data.

8. Support

Unless otherwise stated, any and all requested support will be charged as per our current support / help hourly rate, we currently offer 3 Tiers of support:

Tier 1: Phone and Email Support

Tier 2: Phone, Email, and Video Support

Tier 3: Phone, Email, Video Support, and TeamViewer Help

If you'd like to request our current prices please send us an email or give us a call.

9. PC Hardware / Software Repairs

All hardware and software are assessed for direct or indirect damage before completion of any work, this may include screenshots, detailed report, and photos.

10. Diagnosis

Determining what is wrong with Hardware, Software or your Website takes time. Sometimes it can take hours to run over everything that needs to be checked and ruled out. Sometimes the error cannot be located directly or pinpointed. Our Diagnosis Fee is still applicable if the fault is found or not.

11. Fair Go Policy

Being an Australia Business, we believe in everyone having a "Fair Go". For instance, if our code doesn't work as per the work scope quoted on, or any bugs arise during it being live we will cover any fixes for free ( given our "Quality Guarantee" hasn't been breached by someone). We also expect a "Fair Go" from our clients when it comes to revisions. We are happy to make as many changes you require so you are satisfied, but we won't redesign a website or page that is out of the Design Phase and already been approved.

12. Extended Deadlines

Sometimes deadlines get pushed back, we strive to achieve all deadlines but sometimes we are set back, anything past 2 weeks we will include a discount for any inconveniences (unless the work scope was redefined). If you, "the client" have paid your deposit and work has commenced, additional charges may be added to the quotation if the project is delayed by more than 2 weeks due to any reasons by yourself. This includes but not limited to: Delays responding to communications, unforeseen circumstances or anything that might cause a delay.

13. Late Payments

We understand life sometimes gets tough, but any work completed should be paid for. If you are going to struggle with one of your Milestone payments please let us know at least 7 Days beforehand and we can organise an extension. Any Milestone payments that go overdue without an extension incur a 2.5% Late Payment Fee.