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PlusTime? You'll be surprised...

Everybody wants more time in their life to enjoy family and friends, hobbies or just to take a break fromthe daily grind. With today's busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to balance work and leisure whilst still getting the chores done around the house.
We provide a safe and secure platform that allows people looking for a service and the people who provide a service to connect in an easy way. Clients can create a service that fits their requirements and budget, then review the service provider when the service is complete. After being in the service industry for 10+ years.
You know exactly what you are getting because with PlusTime, you build your own service and set the tasks to be completed. The pricing module is based on the tasks chosen and not set by time. The service provider must complete all chosen tasks before the service is considered complete. PlusTime backs the service by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Background Checks
Your safety is our priority. Most cleaning agencies do minimal leg work when it comes to checks. We go the extra mile, providers must pass and possess a National Police Certificate and Public Liabilty Insurance, but we don't stop there.
Updated Platform
A flexible platform to allow you total control, not just over the services you receive but also who provides it. We keep PlusTime upto date with new security always being PCI compliant, we also make PlusTime more efficient and add new features regularly.
As automation takes over our world, it's not long before all tedious tasks are automated. The service industry is no different. We have taken initiative by automating certain tasks to make our services cheaper than competitors.
Affordble Services
Everyone should have the opportunity to have a helping hand around the house. We aim to supply high quality service providers that can fit almost any budget. Keeping the cost down for you is another priority for us.
Lowering Footprint
Being almost 100% paper free and being mainly digitial allows us to lower the footprint we leave on our environment. Want the providers to use natural products where possible? We leave that upto you.