What We Do

Everybody wants more time in their life to enjoy family and friends. With today's busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to balance work and leisure whilst still getting the chores done around the house.
By using the PlusTime platform, that is exactly what you will get. PlusTime! Our aim is to provide a safe and secure platform that allows people looking for a service and the people who provide a service to connect easily. Clients can securely book a service, pay for it and then review the service provided when the job is complete.
You know exactly what you are getting because with PlusTime, you build your own service and set the tasks to be completed. The pricing module is based on the tasks chosen and not set by time. The service provider must complete all chosen tasks before the job is considered complete.

PlusTime backs the service by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. PlusTime conducts rigorous screening and background checks on all service providers, so you can be confident of their integrity in being able to provide a high quality service.